Feel Great About What You Eat! 

Gluten-Free!  Nut-Free!  Allergen Free!

Peanut Free   •   Nut Free  •   Soy Free   •   Sesame Free

Dairy-Free   •   Egg Free   •    Fish Free   •   Shellfish Free

Cholesterol Free   •   Low Sugar   •   Vegan

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Made in a Nut-Free/Tree-Nut Free Facility

Grab ‘n Go Snack 

Post Workout Fuel

After School Snack

College and Military Care Packages

Post Workout Fuel

6 Grams of Protein per 2oz Serving

One Grain Equivalent


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Tried this as a healthy snack for my children. allergen-free and nut-free, as one of my children, has allergies. I have to say, and I’m not typically a granola fan, but this product is very tasty. It has a soft texture and great flavor. I have been grabbing pouches for snacks for myself and have found it to be very filling as I am on a lower-carb diet now.
Really great product I have to say.


I found exactly what I was looking for, granola that has no nuts or seeds and still taste great!! I tried the variety pack and the flavors did not disappoint. I have been eating them alone as a snack and also with my yogurt. Delicious and filling!! Very happy with my decision to try them. Thumbs up!!


I was searching for a nut-free snack for my son to take to school and being gluten-free was a great bonus. I was pleasantly surprised to see it had 7g of protein. We got the variety pack and my son’s favorites were the original and raisin cranberry. I was running late today and grabbed the chocolate to eat on my commute and I loved it. We will be purchasing the variety pack again.


Awesome Granola™
is an AWESOME Pantry Staple

Healthy Allergen-Free in a Variety of Family Favorites

Casserole Topping     Parfaits     Ice Cream Topping

Yogurt Sprinkle     Baking Ingredient     Sweet & Savory Recipes

Fresh Fruit Sprinkle     Salad Topping     Smoothies

Food Service Options, Too!

Schools   •   Camping Programs

Hospitals  •  Healthcare Facilities

Travel Industry  •  Daycare Programs

Cafeterias   •   Convenience Stores

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