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Awesome Granola™ donated to IU North Medical Staff
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HOME SNACK FOODS, the maker of Awesome Granola™, joins forces with the State of Indiana and FEMA-Indianapolis Office to Help Hoosiers.

Noblesville, Indiana March 31, 2020 – Home Snack Foods LLC, the maker of Awesome Granola brand, announced today it is donating nut-free granola products to the State of Indiana and FEMEA Indianapolis Office to help Hoosier families. 

With the increasing need for food by families in the Hoosier state, Home Snack Foods has worked with the Governor/Lt. Governor Office and FEMA-Indianapolis Office to provide some of its nut-free products for distribution to families. 

Jeff Young, the President/CEO of Home Snack Foods, stated: “We are very appreciative of the Governor and Lt. Governor Offices and FEMA-Indianapolis Office to help us help Hoosiers.  As a lifelong Hoosier, I am proud that Home Snack Foods and Awesome Granola™ brand is a family business holding the same values learned early on in life and being able to help our Hoosier family receive some great tasting granola during this uncertain time.” 

Bill McGinnis, the Chairman of Home Snack Foods, stated: “Being an Indiana based company, we wanted to do our part to assist Hoosiers in need. We are proud to call Indiana home and honored to step up as a small part of a larger community serving our citizens.” 

Founded in 2014, Home Snack Foods LLC aims to give the world the best-tasting products free from gluten and the Top 8 Allergens* (tree nut, peanut, wheat, soy, egg, milk, fish, and shellfish).  The company developed the Awesome GranolaTM brand to utilize the great tasting granola without gluten. 

Awesome Granola™ is a gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and free of the Top 8 allergens as defined by the FDA.  This delicious and soft flake granola is fantastic on yogurt, salads, smoothies, toppings on casseroles, or as a grab-n-go snack.  Made entirely in the USA, Awesome Granola™ is Kosher certified and made in a completely nut-free, tree-nut-free facility.  It is now carried by K-12 Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Resorts, Retail Stores, Amazon, and many more places.

Gluten-Free!  Nut-Free!  Allergen Free!

Peanut Free   •   Nut Free  •   Soy Free   •   Sesame Free

Dairy-Free   •   Egg Free   •    Fish Free   •   Shellfish Free

Cholesterol Free   •   Low Sugar   •   Vegan

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Made in a Nut-Free/Tree-Nut Free Facility

Grab ‘n Go Snack 

Post Workout Fuel

After School Snack

College and Military Care Packages

6 Grams of Protein per 2oz Serving

One Grain Equivalent


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Tried this as a healthy snack for my children. allergen-free and nut-free, as one of my children, has allergies. I have to say, and I’m not typically a granola fan, but this product is very tasty. It has a soft texture and great flavor. I have been grabbing pouches for snacks for myself and have found it to be very filling as I am on a lower-carb diet now.
Really great product I have to say.


I found exactly what I was looking for, granola that has no nuts or seeds and still taste great!! I tried the variety pack and the flavors did not disappoint. I have been eating them alone as a snack and also with my yogurt. Delicious and filling!! Very happy with my decision to try them. Thumbs up!!


I was searching for a nut-free snack for my son to take to school and being gluten-free was a great bonus. I was pleasantly surprised to see it had 7g of protein. We got the variety pack and my son’s favorites were the original and raisin cranberry. I was running late today and grabbed the chocolate to eat on my commute and I loved it. We will be purchasing the variety pack again.


Home Pantry, Lunchbox,
After School Snack, Post Workout Fuel

Casserole Topping     Parfaits

Ice Cream Topping

Yogurt Sprinkle     Baking Ingredient

Sweet & Savory Recipes

Fresh Fruit Sprinkle     Salad Topping


Awesome Granola™
is an AWESOME Pantry Staple

Healthy Allergen-Free in a Variety of Family Favorites

Food Service Options, Too!

Schools   •   Camping Programs

Hospitals  •  Healthcare Facilities

Travel Industry  •  Daycare Programs

Cafeterias   •   Convenience Stores

Hotels  •  Restaurants  •  Cafes

Amusement Parks

Home Pantry, Lunchbox, After School Snack, Post Workout Fuel

Home Snack Foods, LLC
Noblesville, IN 46062


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